New Orleans Parent Organizing Network

Our Mission: 

New Orleans Parents Guide supports families in finding and advocating for quality schools.

Our History:

The New Orleans Parents Guide to Public Schools was launched in 2007 in response to parents struggling to navigate the New Orleans public education system post-Katrina. Families trying to come home faced tremendous obstacles in finding basic information about public schools. Adding to the challenge were the dramatic changes to the city’s public schools as state school officials took over most public schools and more than half of the schools were transformed into public charter schools.

To address the gulf in information for parents we developed the New Orleans Parents’ Guide to Public Schools, a comprehensive tool to help all parents access quality information about public schools and advocate for their children.

The work of producing and distributing the Parents’ Guide revealed a need for parents to organize and advocate for quality schools in every community and a need for support to help catalyze that organizing.  In response to this need the Parents’ Guide founders expanded our work to become New Orleans Parent Organizing Network – an organizing support up for parents seeking to organize for excellent public schools.

Out of NOLA PON efforts, parent leaders created the Parent School Review Project – a process for parents to review schools and provide feedback to school adminstrators – and the Parents In Charge Leadership Development Program – a series of skills building workshops to help parents become more effective advocates and being to organize for quality public schools.

After several years of working to support parent organizing – including some exciting wins – NOLA PON came to a crisis of capacity and focus. Taking stock of the current school landscape we decide to sharpen our focus on the area of work where we have consistently excelled and fills a continued void for families – providing quality information about schools.

Providing quality school information

Under a new name, New Orleans Parents’ Guide, we will continue to produce The New Orleans Parents’ Guide to Public Schools to provide essential and easily accessible information about the landscape of public schools in New Orleans as well as basic advocacy tools to help parents and community members improve their schools.