Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

Stress, anxiety, poor health, and overworking are now some of the many things that you go through when you live in this modern age. These stressors are now part and parcel of this life, and if you live in a city or suburban area, you must know how to cope up with these things. However, people are too fragile than they can imagine themselves to be, so if you think that you can handle things without problems, you quickly realize that all these stressors are bigger than yourself.

When you think about it, your everyday life is more hectic compared to people living in rural areas. It is because, for every single day of your life, you need to go through traffic jams, people traffic, honks, and beeps that dominate the scene, toxic workplaces, and unhealthy fast food options. And when you come home, you are thrown in with even more stress, with your partner, kids, and pets that rely on you to cook meals and clean the house. This life is not sustainable at all, so if you want to have a better experience, you need to face these problems right away.

Every mom faces multiple stresses in her family lifeIf you are holding a high-stress job and your relationship with your partner is messy, do not be surprised if you see an aging face in front of the mirror that you may barely recognize yourself. You may choose to use all Korean makeup & beauty products, but if you don’t face the root of the problem, you can never get through this phase of your aging skin. You can even sign up for the most expensive treatments, but if you only focus on the externals, and not the internals, then there is no way for you to get the long-term effect of youthful and glowing skin.

There are also many habits that you may be doing every day that are ruining your skin and health. When you are making these bad habits, you are not only putting your skin at risk of early aging but also your body system, as well. You don’t only experience saggy and wrinkly skin, but also insomnia, anxiety, irregular appetite, constipation, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance, among others. There are so many health risks that lousy lifestyle habits can bring, and what’s unfortunate is many people are unaware of these habits as detrimental to their health. Many times, you feel like what you are doing is alright all along.

So, if you have always been wondering why your acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dullness, or lines haven’t been disappearing from your skin for quite a while now, do not quickly change your beauty products. Before that, examine your lifestyle. Ask yourself if you are practicing bad habits that may be ruining your skin.

If you are wondering, here are some habits that are ruining your skin:

1. You are not removing your makeup

One of the cardinal rules of beauty routines is never to forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. It is because leaving makeup on will not allow your skin to breathe during that time that you slumber at night. Also, harmful bacteria can come running to your skin to look for shelter. When makeup is left overnight, your skin is left at its most vulnerable state because lousy hygiene breeds terrible bacteria. Therefore, never let your skin get trapped with harmful elements like makeup. Even if you have had a long night, make an effort to clean your skin before hitting the sack. In reality, it will not take much of your time, since removing makeup from your skin will only take up, at most, 10 minutes of your evening. That is not a long time since it is just a small sacrifice to make before going to bed.

Always remove your makeup before sleepingIf you always feel lazy with removing your makeup at night, make it a habit to start removing your makeup before you get home. You can do it at your friend’s house or even in the car. It may appear weird, but at least, you get to do the job for your skin, and you don’t end up ruining your night just because of laziness. Have a makeup remover with you, and make sure that it is alcohol-free, so you don’t destroy your skin.

2. You are popping your pimples

It is satisfying to pop your pimple when you see one oozing out of your face. You may get obsessed with picking it until it pops out of its “shell.” It may feel satisfying, but it is the worst that you can do for your skin. Doing so leaves marks on your skin, and it can cause crevices that may not go away in a lifetime. It can be devastating to have these crevices on your face, and you may need expensive treatments to smoothen out your skin. So, stay away from the temptation of popping your pimples. Your skin will thank you later.

These are some of the habits that are ruining your skin. Be aware of them and if you are doing any of these, stop right now, because you don’t want your skin to be aging faster than expected.