Top Tricks & Tips for Planning Your Party Menu

With the season of holidays and festivities approaching, the parties will be in full swing. You might also be planning on throwing the best party. Being the gracious host, you would want to serve the best to the guests and ensure to please and satisfy everyone. The focal point of any party is its food. In some ways, it becomes the deciding factor as to whether the party was a success or not, whether the guest left the party with a smile and warm heart or a grumpy face. Well, parties should be fun for both the guests and the host.

It is horrible to leave the host suffering and stressed about the party. To de-burden and destress the host, here are some tips and tricks on planning the party menu. Just by getting some basics rights you can have a party that shall be remembered for good and for long. So let’s dig in.

●    Follow the Season

The best way to begin planning the party menu is following Mother Nature. Go with the season you are hosting in. Like for summer parties go for cold salads, crispy vegetables with dips, grilled chicken instead of anything substantial like a deep fried or oven baked chicken in curry. On the flip side, all these things like roasted meat, heavy curries, comforting soups are the best winter menu options. So it is best to plan the party menu based on the season.

Colorful Christmas dinner●    Pick a style

Having some kind of base for the menu makes the planning part a lot easier. Thought through on the style of the party. Whether it is formal or casual, sit-down or buffet, indoor or outdoor, and likewise. Having a style in mind simplify the selection dishes to be served. On a buffet dinner serving food that requires the compulsory use of fork and knife may not be very comfortable for the guest. Though this can be done for a sit-down dinner. Similarly, the dishes will vary on the style.

●    Be Acquainted with your Skill Set

When hosting a party, there is always a pressure to put the best foot forward. You might be tempted to serve the world-class gourmet meals to the guests. The idea sounds exciting, but the stress involved in preparing that gourmet meal fades the fun and charm of the party for you. Instead be reasonable and practical and pick one such gourmet dish that you ace in. You can also plan for all Christmas menu and fill in traditionally prepared baked and roasted recipes with the modern twist

You might excel in making a whole lot of cuisines, but it is sensible to bring forth only your best signature dish. Cook only one or two such dishes and that would be enough to please the guest. For rest of the menu, you can hire a chef or get food delivered to you from an expert chef’s kitchen. You can get more information on personal chef service in New York at

●    Star Item

When planning a menu, you might have to encounter a lot of restrictions and barriers. Some might be on a diet, some might be allergic to something, and some simply have health issues and so on. All these things limit the scope of the dishes. It becomes a challenge to build an entire menu that will be loved by all.

Some will find something others something else. It is hence best to select one such dish that will be the star of the party and an ultimate crowd pleaser. Analyze the guest list and evaluate as per your understanding of their taste that one dish that will be relished by all. You will easily be able to find that one dish that will top the party.

●    Coordinating

Like we discussed above that picking a style or a theme for the party makes the process simpler, on the same lines it also lays down the base for coordinating the menu. By coordinating one can be sure to have a bright and colorful platter. This is color coordination. Having all the dishes of the same color will make the platter dull and unappetizing. Try and add different colors to the dishes. Along with coordinating colors go for texture coordination. Do not run for serving too many textures in one plate. Try balancing one texture with another. Coordinating the menu will make the platter look visually more appealing and tempting.

●    Prepping and Setting

It is always wise to do some meal prep in advance. Maybe a day or two ahead of the party you can make some things and avoid doing any detailed cooking on the day of the party. Do go dishes that do are hands-free and do not require last-minute prepping. Also, do not go for dishes that require intricate serving style.

●    Budgeting and Listing

Budget by far is the most crucial element with planning a party or its menu. The budget decides how far one can go in having the fanciest meal laid down on the table. It is not that on a small budget you cannot have a good menu. Just planning this as per the budget will get you the best results.

Sumptuous dinner with familyIt is advised that when deciding the menu, jot down the ingredients that will be needed in all the dishes. Buying things or ingredients you already have will lead to wastage of the items and money. The listing will also save time on grocery shopping and ensure nothing is left out to be purchased last minute. The list will also help to note things that might be needed to buy on the same day as the party. Hence having separate individual lists will make the whole process a lot easier and fuss-free.

To Sum Up

To have a stress free and fun time at the party planning in advance is the key. Proper planning will make things organized avoiding any last minute hassles. By keeping the above tips and tricks in mind, it is without the doubt that will be able to throw the best party leaving everybody’s hearts warm, smiles wide and bellies full.