How to Learn the Piano in under Three Months

Is it possible to learn the piano in under three months? Yes, it is possible!

It takes hard work, but it is possible to learn the piano in such a short time. But before you do this, you must devote time to getting familiar with chords and rhythms. It may surprise you to know that once you learn the chords and rhythms, it can be a breeze to learn piano or any musical instrument.

A good piano teacher can motivate a student to learn it on a faster paceBut how do you get started? Do you have to enroll in expensive classes to help you in your piano learning journey? Do you have to quit your job to devote your full time to learn the piano? Or, do you need to take memory-enhancing supplements to help you absorb information faster?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to help you learn an instrument in the quickest amount of time, even if you avail of the piano teachers & lessons in New York City. You cannot expect to be good with the instrument just by browsing through chord sheets or listening to classical music. And above all, you cannot buy knowledge. You cannot expect to learn everything you need to learn just by enrolling in a class. You have to put in the effort to practice and follow through with your lessons.

If you have always wanted to learn the piano and you want to be able to play pieces in under three months, here are some tips to help you reach your goal:

Kids can learn fast when enrolled in a piano class1. Be motivated enough to want to learn the piano in under three months

Learning an instrument within this short period is challenging, so for you to get past the many hurdles, you need to be highly motivated to do it. What makes you want to learn the piano in under three months? Are you planning to propose and you want to play the piano as you sing your couple song? Do you want to audition for your school presentation? Know within you why you want to learn the instrument, and stick to that goal. If you are self-motivated into learning it, then you will not get easily demotivated by difficult lessons.

2. Enroll in a class

Unless you have a perfect pitch (which is pretty rare), or you are a musical prodigy (which is also even more unusual), then you need someone more knowledgeable to guide you. You can get that by attending a piano class conducted by an excellent teacher. Focus on getting a piano teacher who has already established a name for himself/herself. Forget about the music school’s advertising, gimmicks, or facilities. Your focus must be on partnering up with a good teacher who can guide you through the whole learning process. He/she may get surprised with the timetable that you want, but surely, it is possible to make it happen.

It is no easy feat learning the piano, more so wanting to learn it in under three months. However, it is doable as long as you have an excellent and passionate teacher, and you have the full dedication and patience in learning the ropes of the instrument. Whatever your age is, you must choose to let go of your doubts and ego, so you get to grow phenomenally as a piano student.